Nutrient-rich aquarium plant substrate

Maflora Intense is a nutrient- and mineral-rich water plant aquarium substrate. It is created from natural, black volcanic soil and organic supplements rich in micro- and macroelements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and iron. The nutrients in the substrate are redily available to plants and contribute to better plant growth in aquarium conditions. The special production process of the Maflora Intense substrate gives it a range of unique characteristics, just like Maflora Light with an even stronger fertilization formula.


  • fertilizes plants;
  • stimulates root growth;
  • crystallizes water;
  • stabilizes pH;
  • increases filtration area;
  • speeds up biological filtration.

Instructions for use

  • Do not rinse prior to use.
  • Place the substrate in the aquarium. The optimum layer depth is 5–8 cm.
  • Gently cover it with water.
  • Start planting no sooner than a few days afterwards.
  • Introduce fish and shrimps only once the system has been stabilized.
  • Perform water changes of 30% of the total volume of water in the system 1-2 times a week in the first 4 weeks.


  1. This substrate is intended for use in freshwater aquariums only.
  2. The substrate establishes slightly acidic conditions and decreases pH and KH values. Do not use any material or water conditioners that can disturb this effect.
  3. Not suitable for fish living in biotope environments with high pH and KH values.
  4. After being added, depending on the water used, the substrate may cause a temporary clouding (which will dissipate after a few hours of filtration), coating, or brown solid on the glass, which will need to be removed mechanically.


The substrate can be gently de-sludged with the use of a sludge remover with a wide end.
As a result of long-term interaction with the substrate and multiple water changes, some of its properties and shape may be partially lost. In such cases it is not necessary to perform a complete substrate change. Use a sludge remover to remove the top layer of 1-2 cm and add new substrate in its place.

Water parameters

Once the tank has been filled with water, the substrate will stabilize the water parameters and set them at a uniform level, depending on the water used. Avoiding water changes of large volumes (recommended) helps prolong the life of the substrate and maintain stable water parameters.


  • 3L Normal (2-5mm)
  • 10L Normal (2-5mm)
  • 3L Powder (1-3mm)
  • 10L Powder (1-3mm)